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Do you find that:

  • You’re struggling to stay ahead of ever accelerating change in your field?

  • The training in your organization is not part of an integrated learning and development strategy?

  • Standard ‘off-the-shelf’ training isn’t suited to your specific needs?

  • Attracting, retaining and developing top talent is becoming more of a challenge – especially with the Millennial workforce?


Topics Include

  • Transition from technical expert to capable leader;

  • Influencing without direct authority;

  • Understanding generational differences in the workplace;

  • Communicating effectively in conflict situations;

  • Cultivating resilience;

  • Dealing constructively with change;

  • Presentation skills for the novice and the nervous;

  • Bringing out the best in others: leader as coach

  • Introverted leadership: the unique gifts of introverted leaders

I create robust learning and development strategies that increase both individual mastery and organizational capacity. I design and facilitate workshops that are tailored to your specific needs.


Developing Leadership Capacity

I was engaged to work with the senior leadership team of a world-class Educational Institution. The University was poised to grow aggressively over the next 7 years and after decades of stability, 8 of the 10 members of the executive team were new, including the President. The executive team was confronted with an additional challenge: 40% of the managers in the organization would become eligible for retirement within the next 5 years. Building leadership capacity was a key strategic initiative.


There had been no ‘leadership profile’ against which individuals could be assessed and developed.

Outcome: I worked with the executive team to identify the leadership mindsets, skills and behaviors that would serve the institution over the next decade.

There had been no formal leadership development.

Outcome: I designed and delivered a 4-day Executive Development Program, tailored to the organization.



  • 94% of participants in the pilot program reported their leadership abilities improved as a result of the program.

  • Participants continued to meet after the program ended and instituted a cross-functional leadership Lab, which served as an incubator for innovation projects.

  • The decision was made to scale the program and roll out to leaders throughout the organization. I provided materials and training, so that the organization’s Human Resources staff would be empowered to disseminate the program.

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