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Through Career and Life Coaching, I can help you to find work you love and cultivate a life that is rich in meaning and purpose.

Are you:

  • Dissatisfied with your current work situation?

  • Contemplating a career change?

  • Thinking about starting a business?

  • Wanting to take your art to the next level?

  • Planning to go back to school?

  • Wanting focus on how to contribute to your community or to social change initiatives?

  • Planning your retirement.

I can help you to:

  • Identify what’s working & not working in your current situation;

  • Clarify your intentions & goals;

  • Expand your range of options;

  • Explore possible futures;

  • Identify self-limiting behaviors;

  • Find tools which allow you to follow-through on your intentions.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

“You helped me so much...The incisive questions you asked me really made me think and helped me become more open to avenues I had never previously considered…I would never have been brave enough before.”

– Nikki Mansergh, Artist Manager, UK





From Advertising Executive to Novelist

Michael Lavigne was the creative director of an advertising agency. His career had been enjoyable and lucrative, but he had never derived real satisfaction from it. He was hungry to do something else. Writing fiction quickly emerged as a passion. But we all know that becoming a successful author is a notoriously mercurial path and with his son approaching college-age, Michael determined he needed a more practical and financially secure career choice. We explored a range of options, but kept circling back to fiction writing.


With the support of his wife and deploying the same discipline and determination that had made him successful in advertising, Michael managed to write and publish his first novel within a year.

“The work we did together led to a new life for me as novelist. I came to her as a middle-aged person looking for change and she helped me uncover my passion for writing fiction and helped connect me to people who could help me realize that goal. Since then, I’ve published three novels (the last one under a pen name), all with major publishers. My work has been translated into seven languages, been reviewed in the NY Times, and many other places, and one novel has even been optioned for film. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t seen a story about Sepha in the San Francisco Chronicle and decided to give it a try. The work was deep and deeply revealing, and Sepha was a remarkable guide on my journey of personal and professional discovery.”
“I had such confidence in her, I sent my son to see her when he was at a career crossroads and she was able to assist him ably on his path too.”

Not ‘Re-tired’ – Re-energized!

“You look forward to retirement. No commitments…no obligations…get up when you want, wear what you want. Sounds great right? But believe me, it wears thin fast.”


Daniella worked for a federal agency for 38 years and eased into retirement without a backward glance. Like many of us entering our 50’s, 60’s, and beyond, Daniella was healthy and active, and though she didn’t want a ‘job’, she definitely wanted to remain engaged in the world.


It was freeing for her to realize that she could do anything she wanted because she didn’t need to work for money; but at the same time, this realization was overwhelming. We started by exploring what she felt passionate about. She had always been compelled by stories of women and self-image.


Daniella explored different options: pursuing an advanced degree in Women’s Studies, working for a media literacy organization, becoming a free-lance writer. In the course of her investigations, she learned that girls who play sports are less likely to develop eating disorders. She started coaching basketball at an afterschool program for girls and now directs the program. She still has time to take classes and to travel, but the hours she spends at the afterschool program anchor her life.

“It’s my work in the world. With Sepha’s help, I went from retired and tired to re-energized.”

From Insurance VP to Small Business Owner

Andrea Burton was ready to leave her successful career as an insurance executive, but she wasn’t sure how to go about it. The prospect of mid-life career change can seem like a daunting leap into the unknown.


We began by identifying her core values. At this point in Andrea’s life, security was less important than integrity and a sense of fun at work.


Andrea also realized that after 24 years of pin-striped suits and a 9 – 5 schedule, she wanted to honor her own work style and rhythms. She started gravitating toward small business.


Building on her previous leadership and insurance experience might have led Andrea to a management or insurance consulting role. But she realized something else about herself. Like roughly 30% of the population - pilots, surgeons, craftspeople - Andrea has a strong kinesthetic intelligence. She enjoyed projects that were hands-on, liked being physically active and didn’t enjoy sitting at a desk. So she began to focus her search on kinesthetically-oriented businesses, such as fitness centers.


After researching more than 30 possible directions, Andrea settled on a kitchen-remodeling business. She enjoys working with her clients, the creativity of the projects, the flexible hours, and the sense of completion.

“There’s a before and after. I love owning my own business. I can choose who I work with and how I work. It’s great!”
“Sepha changed my life. After a 24-year career in insurance, I was no longer happy and knew it was time for a change. I was excited, but overwhelmed by the world of possibilities available to me. Sepha took what felt to be a daunting task and systematically, compassionately lead me through a journey of personal growth. I went from a corporate suit in a business-to-business world, to a licensed contractor being welcomed into people's homes. Managing my own business, designing kitchens and bathrooms, managing projects and job sites, all to give families the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams. The best decision I made was my first call to Sepha. It could not have happened without her.”
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